Understanding Chicago’s role in the Gulf of Mexico dead zone

One of the many environmental problems that Earth faces today is the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, where 8,774 square miles are uninhabitable by fish and other aquatic life due to extremely low oxygen levels. These low oxygen levels are caused by nutrient (phosphorus and nitrogen) pollution in waterways that flow into the Gulf of Mexico through the … More Understanding Chicago’s role in the Gulf of Mexico dead zone

Asking for a friend

After Plastic Pollution Coalition re-posted “Starbucks, I think you’re greenwashing,” my blog received a lot of views and comments. Katheryn Keller, an Orange County native, saw my post as an opportunity to get out her message to call on the AVP and beach volleyball players to respect our oceans. She asked me to share her story … More Asking for a friend

Starbucks, I think you’re greenwashing

On Thursday, August 3rd, 2017, I decided to contribute to Starbucks’ revenue stream. I stopped at the Starbucks storefront located in the base of the Hyatt Centric Chicago Magnificent Mile Hotel right off of Michigan Avenue and Erie Street to order my tall, unsweetened iced coffee in my reusable Starbucks cup that I had purchased for $1 … More Starbucks, I think you’re greenwashing

Two Bears Gardens

Tammy Ratliff. Owner of Two Bears Gardens. Legend. If Two Bears Gardens was my third farm, I probably would not have left for my fourth and stayed here another two weeks. Basic information: Farm name: Two Bears Gardens Farm address: 51 Benson Rd, Port Angeles, Washington Farm owners: Tammy and AJ Ratliff Farm description: “Local … More Two Bears Gardens